Minimalism is hard to pull off and be effective. But when you are able to do it the result is purely amazing!

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FRIDAY: Design (it’s always so cool!)

There’s a high chance that you’ve seen this already, but maybe not. So let me share with you one of the coolest ads ever.

So what is it that I’m talking about? It’s a new series of LEGO advertisements titled “Imagine”. And, they’re pure awesome.

This new series of LEGO ads tick the box of “minimalism”. While those ads seem abstract at first, if you look carefully, you can certainly see what this German advertising agency, Jung von Matt, is trying to show. The LEGO blocks are undeniably accurate in their colour-blocking and size ration in relation to one another..

But, I don’t want to spoil the fun. I’ll let you guess and……. if you really can’t tell…. I’ll explain it at the end of the post, but I’ll write it specular just to really really not ruin the essence of those awesome ads!

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